So first of all, with 2019 being the so called “year of STOs”, we can announce that we’ve been working with a very interesting project the past 6 months towards tokenizing several assets in the renewable energy sector in Europe and facial recognition in Asia. If you want to find out more about, jump on a call with us so we can explain it to you in better detail.

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So, what’s our take on it after already working several months on a project in this area and not just talking about it?


We said, we’re not going to focus on any specific industry; however, we discussed internally that we will mostly focus on projects which are suitable in these 2 ways

  1. Fully embracing blockchain in their product offering, that means using blockchain not just for fundraising.
  2. Using blockchain just for the purpose of fundraising, including the participation right (token is tied to interest payments, dividends or any other financial participation right)

We believe that if we were to limit ourselves to only the first, we would prevent ourselves from meeting interesting entrepreneurs in other spaces; therefore, we decided to take a very broad view on which projects we are onboarding. We know there is so much potential in tokenizing specific assets, beyond the traditional tech startups we’ve been involved over the last several years.


As we’ve seen many teams, products and entrepreneurs throughout the last 7 years, we know that the product side is also a very important point to check on our end—the team and the product are both important. We’ve also seen situations in which  the product is genius, but the team isn’t or the team is, but the product just simply is not.


This is the most valuable thing within a startup or existing SME. So, I’d also like to take this from the traditional world where every VC or any other individual investor wants to exactly know who is on the team and how long they’ve been working together. If you have a good investor, they’ll  also want to know the bad times the team survived. It’s critical for every team—if they can deliver and survive both good and bad times, it’s mostly a very good fit of individual characters.

Success Rate

We believe that while making an assessment in this direction is difficult, it helps when you are an entrepreneur and your team is made up of entrepreneurs who will help with the final assessment of the potential success rate of the project. Especially if a project or a team qualifies for the No Limit® entrepreneurial discount program, we need to make sure that it’s been properly assessed by everyone in the team so that we maintain our success ratio with chosen projects.

Since we’re launching the first STO executed fully by location-independent entrepreneurs, we are inviting others as well. We help to also execute your company into the next level with our legal, technical and marketing know-how.


What are the pros in setting up your STO in Liechtenstein?

  • Fully-auditable as company in Liechtenstein
  • Lower taxes
  • Great adoption to Blockchain with the so-called “Blockchain law”
  • Banking for blockchain projects possible

And what does that mean for normal people like you and me?

Make sure you make the best out of your cash/retirement savings. In the world of negative interest, it’s always best to educate yourself and either manage the diversification of your assets yourself or with a person or company you trust which keeps you always in a very close loop on decisions which matter.

Or according to Goldman Sachs, just leave it as physical cash in a bank safe.

Get in touch with us and let’s build many financial instruments like bonds, convertibles, collective investment schemes for the next financial crisis with great projects executed by the best entrepreneurs out there.

And if you are interested to join our club and meet people with integrity:

Get your copy of the pitch here


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