Your compliant Security Token Offering (STO): simple and easy.

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“As a result of our partnership with No Limit we are able to provide better quality for great cases. We are fully focusing our mandates on blockchain only in the jurisdictions of Liechtenstein, Singapore and Hong Kong, where I am also a licensed lawyer. Other jurisdictions are coordinating with our partner law firms.”

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securities market ICO
Different types of STOs

What are the different token types?

Security token is not a legal term. The relevant question is always whether or not a specific token is considered a security / financial instrument. Every instrument that fulfils the definition or falls within the scope of this definition of functional and economical terms might be considered a security; as such, the relevant laws and regulations apply.

See the FAQ section for a more detailed overview.

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Liechtenstein, Singapore, Malta or Hong Kong?

We have a broad overview of security token offerings in favorable jurisdictions like the ones mentioned above. Together, with our strong lawyer network, we are able to help you identify the right jurisdiction for the undertaking of your security token offering.

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securities market ICO
securities market ICO

What are the typical costs associated with a Security Token Offering (STO)

In all honesty, once you start researching whether or not a STO is suitable for your company, you’ll very quickly find it isn’t a very transparent, straightforward process. It was our mission within No Limit to remove this lack of transparency among different lawyers and jurisdictions. We shortlisted certain legal partners in every jurisdiction to ensure that great value is always delivered for the amount paid. Don’t let a lawyer think they can compare an IPO with an ICO or STO.

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What is the timeline for the preparation of a STO?

The normal processing time for a STO can vary anywhere from 2 to 12 months—keep in mind, it totally depends which final jurisdiction will be overseeing your offering and how many third parties are involved in pursuing the security offering.

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securities market ICO
securities market ICO
Promoting the security offering

How do you promote a STO to follow local regulators?

We work very closely with our licensed securities brokers all over the world to make sure—along with our lawyers—the promoted offering is 100% aligned with local regulators and the financial and securities act.

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