Blockchain and asset management?

We help you understand how you can benefit from the blockchain technology with regards to the issuance of bonds with the Ethereum blockchain and depending on the needs we will also evaluate the right protocol for your financial instrument.

Adapting to the blockchain technology towards your business practises can be faster, more transparent and efficient and embracing the newest technology.


More transparent treasury management of the company

Endless possibilities regarding the financial instrument

Fast time to market with prospectus approval in EU

Transparent Investor Dashboard to keep a close communication

How flexible can the Financial Instrument Be?

From a technical point of view we have to answer this in following matter – as we develop the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain we are able to execute everything what is currently feasible and properly tested in the solidity language of Ethereum. Beside this, we can help you with private or public blockchains depending on your requirements of the financial instrument as we understand that maybe not every part or action of the bond or financial instrument needs to be recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain.

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Why you should also start issuing financial instruments with the blockchain today

While issuing a bond or any other financial instrument see also here how you could benefit from decreasing costs and improved admin process.

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Source: Survey of Entoro Capital, STO legal counsel, S&P and Pitchbook

Feel also free to check out following blog article to find out more about which benefits digital securities can bring with them compared to the traditional private placements.

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What is important for you to understand?

The issuing of a financial instrument is your daily work as asset manager that means from a compliance perspective including legal we don't need to tell you what you need to take care of on this side, we will help you understand this from a technical point of view of issuing the financial instrument and including interest payments, dividend payments everything what you know from traditional capital markets is currently in the process to shift to a certain extend into the digital securities world.

Issuing a financial instrument on the blockchain is subject to vulnerability on the side of accessing sensible data in a investor dashboard for example or along with the smart contract development of the financial instrument - we have our internal audit protocols which are executed prior to launching any financial instrument on the mainnet of Ethereum

As soon as you are issuing the financial instrument and people are investing into your project, the funds will be usually locked during the period of the offering and with this being said, if you work closely together with a bank which will help you with the conversion from digital assets into real world currencies like FIAT (CHF/USD/EUR) they most probably will also need to make a final KYC check on their end after the STO has ended that you will be able to fully use the funds to proceed with your strategy. Usually you are using a custodian in this case you could use the same bank who helps you with the conversion to be also the custodian for FIAT deposits or digital currencies where most of the time a MULTI SIGNATURE wallet is used, so that certain transactions can be only be approved by all authorized signatures as you might know this from traditional business bankings.

We can answer this from two views of looking at this question. So the first one is the adoption rate of the public towards crypto currencies that means that people are more and more aware to execute investments with this digital currencies and there for the acquisitions of digital currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin is more and more easier and mainstream, which brings us to the next view of how this question can be answered. With more people aware of digital currencies and its benefits of investing into digital securities it's a no brainer that it will be a increasing way of innovative projects to look for funding in a more effective way as the traditional private placement.

Yes, the offering itself is usually subject to the same legal work or even more, but the saving will be in the total numbers for investors and issuers.

There are many recognisable financial instruments going into this direction to offer this services towards their corporate clients.