Can my ICO be setup to accept BTC or Litecoin?

People can only contribute ETH to your ICO. If you want them to be able to contribute other coins, you will need to coordinate this yourself. If you do the work yourself, it’s fine, but we are not able to offer this service and will not be responsible for its management should you choose to accept other coins.

Can my ICO be setup to accept SWIFT or credit card payments?

While we do not offer this directly, we can definitely connect you with a verified contact who does. If you opt to go with this partner, the technical integration is ready-to-go.

Requirements: you must either be incorporated in Europe or have a subsidiary in Europe.

Will your team join my whitepaper?

No, No Limit’s team will not join your whitepaper; however, our team members are free to express interest and work with you on your project if they wish. If they agree, they can also be listed in your whitepaper.

Otherwise, we are happy to help you onboard other top performers to collaborate with you on your project in the blockchain area.

Will you write my whitepaper for me?

No, we do not write whitepapers from scratch—you must provide content and we will work with its structure to help better organize your concept. 

If you are interested in getting a design for your whitepaper, please note this is not automatically included. Upon request, it is available at an additional charge.

What if I change my mind in the middle of the project?

We will not redo work. If we invested time to finalize tasks and you decide to switch your strategy, there will be an additional charge.

What happens if we face a disagreement and hit an impasse?

No Limit can always cancel the project and will partially refund payments if the project was not successfully completedall assets would be provided to the client at that time.

What if I don't have a team? Is that a problem?

If you don’t have a team, it’s no problem; you can always get started and onboard your potential team members once everything is ready.

What we will do for marketing

In terms of Marketing it depends which Package you choose

  • In general we provide Marketing consultancy, that being said we are guiding you and your team through the Marketing process with a Marketing plan.
  • We expect your team to have a Marketing guy. We are happy to help you finding the right person for your team as it is essential to have a person full-time on the Marketing front. This person doesn’t need to have specific ICO knowledge as we can provide that

What we will do for marketing

  1. No Limit will also work on other projects, but no more than 6 per calendar year
  2. We will provide guidance to your team in the area of marketing
  3. We will teach you how to set up advertisements, what you need to do, and what you should avoid
  4. Over 60 designs will be ready to use for your blog posts, videos, and advertisements via Canva
  5. Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google Adwords / Adsense are highly negative towards aggressive ICO Marketing; please understand this and be cooperative with the No Limit Team.
  6. No Limit will copy existing ICO Template Websites and adjust the color scheme and customer’s message – a very close cooperation with the customer is required.
  7. Establish paid marketing, with the help of your marketing team (Will give direction on where to advertise for the best ROI, how to make a newsletter campaign and how to run successful paid marketing).
  8. We highly suggest you invest a minimum of 25k into pre-sale marketing and 60-100k for your ICO.
  9. We will share an outline about how to invest into marketing based on your channel/site/source
  10. We help you identify the top performers and will tell you which positions needs to be filled.
  11. We will tell you about ICO Listings/Reviews/Exchanges to be listed
  12. Manage your bounty campaign with bounty0x only! (Everything else is too time consuming) We have good contacts to Bounty0X

What marketing channels are you using?

  1. Google Search Ads

  2. Google Display Ads

  3. Google Adwords

  4. YouTube Ads

  5. Facebook (currently banning ICO Advertisements)

  6. Twitter
  7. Reddit (currently banning ICO Advertisements)

What is used for project management?

For us, we use Jira for project management. We are happy to invite you to join so that we can share sprints. 

Will you buy stock photos?

Stock photos and/or illustrations are not included, but if you need help in this area, we’ll be more than happy to do so. If you’re interested, let us know and we can discuss associated costs.

Why should I have you run my ICO?

The current problem is simple: the ICO market exists within a social, legal and societal loophole that allows for bad actors to act badly.

The opportunity is simple: it is the future of funding, whether VCs and PEs like it or not.

The solution is simple: create institutions that help the average founder crowdfund equity or create utility tokens while explaining—clearly and sanely—why the average investor should jump in.

Why is the KYC Application important?

You can sign the NDA at any time and get all the internal documentation about the KYC Application with its complete overview of functions.

  • Some overview of the app
  • Error message
  • Accept and Deny Status (each status has an email which will be sent to the customer)
  • Batch approve – contracting to smart contract
  • Comment function
  • Export function after the ICO to back up the content for compliance purposes
  • Bounty claim function

How can you manage hundreds or thousands of bounties from the bounty campaign?

We found a way that bounties can claim their tokens: it’s done via the KYC Application.

A smart contract can be created where you deposit all the toķens for all bounty receipts. Then, you save all the addresses much like you did for whitelisting. Each bounty recipient can then claim their tokens themselves. This will also save you fees which you, along with the recipient, would otherwise have to pay for each transfer.

What are the most important things for me to keep in mind prior to and after the ICO?

Make sure everybody on your team understands the dynamics of the tokens distribution after the ICO and if some don’t perform or want to part ways, compensate them properly.

Why should we use a custodian service?

Custodian services are good to use for the following reasons:

  • security of founders—don’t open yourself up to unnecessary risk
  • security from hackers
  • some custodians are insured up to a certain sum

What changes will happen at each stage on the website?

MVP to Presale
First content and URL for newsletter signup

We will implement the countdown and presale contract address, as well as having the pledge bar automatically pulled in from

We will implement the countdown and presale contract address, as well as having the pledge bar automatically pulled in from

What are the most important things to keep in mind with the ICO?

48 hours prior to the ICO, make sure the whole team is available and the latest changes will be done for the ICO.

  • Treat everyone as VIP; people who likely want to contribute 10k USD or more definitely will want special treatment if there is the possibility of a compliance issue
  • Monitor the website performance
  • Think twice before setting a minimum contribution of 0.1 because there’s a lot of work involved—it’s up to you, but it’s not really worth it
  • Sometimes a last-minute address change occurs, even when the address is already contracted to the smart contract
  • Adjust bonus stages on the website if needed
  • Once the ICO contract has been deployed and started, make a test transaction

What is important to understand about marketing and its spending?

It’s important to make sure your credit card has a high limit with an available balance. It’s also good to add a backup credit card, just in case. 

Can I pay the compensation fee in milestones?

We typically don’t set it up with milestones, but we try to be flexible depending on the project and the team behind it.

Do I need a community manager?

Yes, we definitely recommend it! If you don’t, then we encourage you to make sure your whole team is available on Telegram and other social channels, especially during the ICO (it’s a really busy time).

How can people check their KYC Application status?

People can click this URL https://kyc.yourdomain/check to check their Ethereum wallet and find out where it’s at in the contracting stage.

Can users change their Ethereum wallet?

Yes, people can change their contribution address via the KYC backend; the old entry will be removed to prevent abuse of multiple investments. Once you are whitelisted, only the team can change the ETH address.

What kind of tracking will you install on the website?

We will be using Google Analytics and mixpanel for the KYC application; these enable us to really understand the user and figure out which marketing channel is the most effective.

How many ad sets are included in Facebook?

150 Facebook ad sets includes graphic sets in Canva. They’re easy-to-manage and a great way to test your brand awareness -> easy to manage and test your brand awareness.

But… you have to understand that video is still king. You’ll get a higher conversation rate if you provide us with a lot of videos. 

ICO advertisements are only allowed when they comply with Facebook’s regulations. Here is a good blog about it—check it out.

What if I got turned down by Google?

No problem, we’re a certified Google partner.

Do I need an compliance officer?

We highly recommend it; your CEO/CFO needs to be able to check each KYC whitelisted entry.

Should I pay for an marketing agency or advisory?

We dont believe you need an additional marketing partner; as it is, you’re going to be getting approximately 250 emails of marketing proposals per month during the ICO.

Also, remember that community doesn’t like paid advisory positions, and neither do we.  It’s not the right approach to pay someone to be on your advisory list—they should genuinely, uniquely be engaged with your product and vision.

But we can commit to helping you get the best value to market to your contacts. 

We make marketing visible, so each campaign has a transparent tracking code to make sure it’s valuable. If not, the campaign is stopped so that money isn’t wasted. 

How should I manage pre-ICO and ICO support?

Use Zendesk or Intercom; they’re useful tools to help you filter spam and sort opportunities based on set priorities. It also it helps improve the flow of communication if any of your users are having issues with your product.

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